Sensorial wonderland




Campaign Strategy

PurSoft, a new tissue brand, wants to launch its brand into the market with an eye-catching identity that can resonate with families, especially mothers who are looking for quality and safe tissue products for their families.

The Challenge

The tissue paper market in Singapore is a highly competitive one, with brands offering products from the high end to budget solutions. Pursoft needs to engage the target audience of mothers in an emotive and memorable way while balancing the need to showcase their product’s qualities in a clear and direct way.

Our Solution

We wanted a concept that introduces PurSoft tissue's wonderful qualities of strength and softness through the eyes of the family, one that exudes a mother's love and care for her children and the desire to give them nothing less than the best.

To demonstrate strength and softness, we created a sensorial fantasy world, a wonderland of amazing senses and touches where mother and child can bond, play and connect blissfully with total freedom. And in this wonderland, every little thing is made up of PurSoft tissues, from the little butterflies to the floating dandelion seeds that caresses and teases gently.

Key imageries for the campaign were captured with cameras placed above mother and child, who were lying flat on the floor. This allows us to defy gravity and all (the boring!) laws of nature to create a fantasy-like dreamscape.

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